Handmade Flowers & Locations

Currently I am accepting orders for my handmade flower walls as well as handmade floral creations and arrangements for weddings and home decor.
We are based out of Richmond, VA and currently do all delivery ourselves. You can also find Tisha’s flowers at local shops like The Lazy Daisy (Mechanicsville) and Spa-Tacular (Midlothian).
Tisha will come to your home or event and ensure the flowers are setup and cared for correctly.  Traveling for delivery isn't a concern and can be worked into you estimate no matter your location. 
Have an idea you vision you would love to see Tisha breathe life into?  Contact us today! 



One word...Abso-fricking-lutly!
I love collaborating with like minded artist and crafters! 
My respect runs deep for anyone who is out there hustling to make their craft into a living.  There is a special sort of hustle involved when you are a crafter by trade.  It ain't easy and most definitely takes a tribe to help each other along the way!
After decades in the realm of selling my art I can tell you I have never lost a sale to being besties with people who are in the same business as myself.  The only thing you lose when you don't friend folks within your realm of business is the knowledge and friendship shared when collaborating occurs.
Wanna be my friend?  Don't be shy!  I'd love to continue to pull other crafter up right along with me.  Feel free to contact me anytime!